We are producers and marketers of extra virgin olive oil, with the registered trademark Aroma Oro. With the full conviction that we can all create a world that realizes the small details and what can make us happy. That is why we created the brand "Aroma Oro", because for us the details are important, we want to make something big out of the small things. So we are pleased with the idea that our little treasure, our oil, reaches your tables and homes, shares our and your dreams and is present above all in the hearts of all.


Since before 1580, when my ancestors were dedicated to the cultivation and extraction of extra virgin olive oil, until today, where we have been working and studying to improve an exclusive product.

My grandmother said that my great-great-grandmother ordered the construction of two oil mills to be able to grind all the olives they had and I still remember my grandmother's stories of how the children crowded at the door of the mill with a piece of black or yellow white bread to dip it in the leftover oil. For them that liquid was gold, hence our name. With this, we want the sparkle in the eyes of those children to be yours and thus transfer that illusion to your homes.


Our olive groves are located in the Sierra del Segura, in the heart of the largest protected area in Spain. Being a mountain olive grove surrounded by pure air and crystalline waters confers a multitude of nuances and sensations that are transmitted to the consumer.

With a lower temperature regime and less rainfall, this results in lower yields and marks the true quality of our oils.


It offers specific organoleptic characteristics, resulting in an oil of exquisite quality, with fruity green or ripe olives, depending on the state of the fruit, with the typical aroma of Cuquillo and where green aromas of fruits such as banana and tomato can be detected, as well as nuts, particularly almonds. The palate is sweet, which does not prevent the detection of medium bitterness and spiciness.